Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eating and stuff - day 3 random notes and pics

Eating, it's surprising when you stop and think about how this base instinct can get so out of whack. I'm not going to rail against processed foods, I'll leave that to others. This is simply my journey and my thoughts.

Days 1 and 2 progressed pretty well.

Day 1:

Breakfast was scrambled egg whites, oatmeal (actually an oats, barley, rye mix) with frozen berries and flax oil added, and green tea. 

Skipped snack since I ran first thing in the morning and didn't eat breakfast until about 9:30am.

Lunch was a grilled turkey burger seasoned with salt and pepper and steamed spinach

Afternoon snack was 15 almonds and a scoop of whey protein and coconut milk.

Dinner, well, attended a Pampered Chef meeting in Carrollton, so it wasn't a planned meal. Tried some skinny dips that were made, with fruit and tortilla chips for dipping, and had one of the small pulled pork sandwiches.

Since that wasn't planned, I had a little more protein when I got home.

Day 2:

Breakfast was a peanut butter and banana smoothie. 

Morning snack was an apple and 15 almonds.

Lunch was a grilled chicken breast and salad with evoo and balsamic vinegar (tbsp of each).

Afternoon snack was strips of zucchini and red pepper with roasted red pepper hummus. And wouldn't you know, I was FULL after a few pieces of veggie! Wow!

Dinner was another grilled turkey burger, brown rice and a baked sweet potato drizzled with evoo, salt and pepper.

Day 3:

Breakfast was another PB and banana smoothie (I think I'm officially addicted, so quick, easy and delicious!), and 2 turkey sausage links.

Morning snack was about 3/4 c. plain greek yogurt with 1 tsp local honey and 3/4 c. mixed berries (strawberries, blackberries and raspberries)

I'm about to have lunch, which is sliced turkey breast and hummus on multigrain bread.

Random thoughts:

So far so good, I like that I can mix up the food choices to a menu that I find palatable. 
I REALLY like that I'm making better choices and not taking the easy route. 
I don't care for plain greek yogurt, that's why I added the tsp of honey for a smidge of additional sweetness. 
Feeling full in the afternoon is great! 
Better choices, better food - all towards a better me.


Ran trail miles Sunday morning (my favorite)
Crossfit Monday
Crossfit Tuesday

I've got through the end of this month to get my CrossFit workouts in, then I'll be shifting to home workouts for a while, and continuing my running. The goal is running 3 days/week, with other workouts (CrossFit, or home) 4 days/week. There will be some overlap as I will take 1 or 2 rest days each week. I'm doing the meal plan to shift myself into a better way of eating going forward. 

My goal is fitness and overall happiness with myself. So basically, it's a permanent goal. 

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