Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winter in the South

Even after living here for 7 years, thunderstorms and tornado/flash flood watches and warnings in DECEMBER still make me shake my head in amazement. Guess that's still the Minnesotan in me; winter is about snow, ice and sub-zero temps, not rain.

That being said, I'm glad it IS rain, and not snow. It's bad enough people can't drive when it's raining down here, do NOT add snow or ice into the mix, it almost becomes laughable. Yes, even the hint of snow has people headed to the grocery stores in droves to stock up on bread and milk. That, my friends, is no lie, that is 100% southern fact.

Now comes the admission, yes, I DO prefer the winters down here. Just hold off on the attacks, all of you still muddling through winter year after year up north; that admission does not mean that I hate snow and cold and all the fun things winter brings, I just prefer it on my own terms, in smaller doses. :)

Ciao for now, work calls.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hello, my name is...

Kirsten, and I'm the one doing the writing/typing/blogging (I'll get the terminology down soon enough, back off already! hehe). Consider this fair warning, I'll be blogging about pretty much whatever pops into my head. For those that know me, that should say enough; for those that don't know me (yet), enjoy the ride!

Let's see, some basics here. I'm 40, have 2 kids, I'm gainfully employed, and my interests are all over the place. The 2 kids are Chelsea (17) and Reann (12). I have no complaints there (other than the usual parent/teen/tween issues), they are both actually really good kids.

2008 has seen me working at getting myself in better shape, as well as quitting smoking. Both have not been easy, but neither have they been extremely hard (in the case of getting in shape, the pain has been intense at times, but I've stuck with it). I'm happy to say that I had my last cigarette May 25th, and have not slipped since!

Running has somehow slipped into the mix, I'll delve into that a little more later.

Work in progress

As in life, this blog will always be a work in progress; there for me to add to and for you to view whenever the mood strikes.

Why did I create it? That's probably a question I'll never be able to answer completely. I created it for me, we'll let that be enough of an answer for now. Who knows? The answer may present itself on it's own as I go along.

Bookmark this, follow it. I can't guarantee I'll post every day, nor can I guarantee it'll always be interesting. The one thing I can guarantee, it will always be me.