Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I admit it, two posts by Jonathan today shamed me to post on my own...

Here we are, less than 10 days left in June, and looming in front of me is the Darkside 8 hour run this Saturday. Well, I haven't shied away from challenges, have I? This looks to be no different. I'm doing it, no matter what. So what that we just got back from vacation a week ago, so what that I just moved this past weekend, So what that I gained weight back while on vacation. So what! As long as I manage my hydration, my sodium and my caloric intakes, this will be a good run and a good test of my body's capabilities in the Georgia heat. I'm doing this!

So come 7am Saturday morning, I will be there, at Huddleston Pond in Peachtree City, beginning the first of many loops that I will complete by 3pm. Looking forward to seeing Jonathan, Beth, and Jon, along with the other 45 runners who've taken on this challenge.

Now, just to remember to pack what I think I'll need for that day, and chairs for my cheering squad, and ice, and beer, and s-caps and....

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