Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No denying it, 2010 is here

Here is is, January 27th already. I have 3 races coming up in February, and I'm fighting with myself, trying to push past the mental anxiety of registering for an 11.5 mile race and a half marathon within 6 days of each other. My training hasn't been going the way I want it; again, more mental anxiety that I'm trying to tell myself isn't worth worrying over. Wondering if I'm subconsciously causing the ailments I've had. This stinks, no other word for it.

I have to get past this, I WILL get past this. Since my goal is to finish both long races, preferably not the last person being swept in by the sweepers, my mind is made up. No more will I let this stuff get me down. Anything else that tries to push it's way into my psyche to make me lose focus is going to get a beat down.

One thing I'm really tickled about? Both my girls are out running now. Chelsea started coming out with us at the end of the year, and is doing her first 5K on 2/21/10. She figures she'll get into running and taking care of herself now to prepare for 6 days a week of marching band practice this summer when she heads off to JSU (sigh). Reann will be doing the half marathon with me on 2/13/10. It's a proud momma I am of those two girls. Reann even got up and did the Resolution Run 10K on New Year's Day and beat her previous 10K times by 10 minutes!

So here we have it, I'm regaining my focus and pressing forward. I WILL push myself and do the absolute best I can in the races I have scheduled.

2/7/10 - Red Top Rumble 11.5 mile trail race - Cartersville, GA
2/13/10 - SweetH2O Sweetheart Half Marathon trail race - Lithia Springs, GA
2/21/10 - Resolution Rush 10K - Canton, GA
3/6/10 - Berry 10K - Rome, GA
3/20/10 - Publix Run Wild 5K at Grant Park - Atlanta, GA (did this last year in the pouring down rain and have my best 5K time, so obviously want to do this one again)

Oh, and did I mention the half marathon does have TOTW (Top of the World) in it, oh good. Described as "hefty roller coaster hills", this is probably my achilles heel in the race. Repeat after me... "hills are my friend, hills are my friend, hills are my friend..."

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  1. Your hope and optimism are contagious and inspiring. You aren't causing your ailments, I'm sure of it. All things are happening for reasons you might not be privy to, but it may just be as an inspiration to your girls and all of us who read and follow you.

    Run with the wind, suga. I'm so proud of you. And I ♥ you!