Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let's not get cocky...

"You don't have to go fast, you just have to go" "Running is a mental sport and we are all insane" "Running is cheaper than therapy" - these are just a few of the cool running slogans I have come across. An old school friend has told me that running is an addiction for him, and I now understand why. But with the running, and increasing distances, I've discovered that you really can't push your body to an extreme and expect it to bounce back like you were 20.

I was getting out and running and/or walking quite a bit a couple of weeks ago. After the 12.5 miles out at Kennesaw mountain on the 18th, I put in another 25 miles the following week, and was cocky enough to think I could do 10 miles out at Kennesaw that following Saturday the 25th. Not so, grasshopper, as my left shin started giving me problems after about the 3rd mile. "Ok, this can't be good", I mentally berated myself for pushing too much, too soon. I slogged on though, I wasn't going to let it stop me from getting the miles in, it only stopped me from running them. Got back to the parking lot about an hour and a half later and popped some advil. Once I was finally back home I "iced" it with a bag of frozen veggies. Alternated the advil and veggie bag throughout the rest of the weekend.

I only got out and walked and ran twice after that, before the 5K on the 1st. As such, onward to that race report...

8/1/09 St. Julians Fishes and Loaves 5K: The morning dawned overcast and humid. Oy. A good crowd was there for this inaugural run. Started off at the Douglas County Courthouse and ran a loop around there to the street, then down to the Douglas County Transportation Center parking lot for another loop around, then back down the road to a right turn towards the senior center for a loop around and back to the courthouse parking lot to do the entire loop again. Mile 1 was great, I was feeling good and keeping a good pace and hit a personal best 1 mile split - 10:21. Mile 2 was a little tougher as the heat and humidity started to make their presence known (as well as the hill we had to run up again) but still hit a personal best 2 mile split also - 23:24. Mile 3 kicked me in the proverbial pants, it was a struggle to run around the parking lot at the transportation center, so I had to kick it down and walk a lot more than I had wanted to, but since this was only my 2nd run since the Saturday before, I took it in stride. I did keep enough in reserve to make my finish line sprint once I made the turn into the courthouse parking lot though! Time could've been better, but it gets chalked up to experience nonetheless. I did it in 38:00 flat, Reann came in behind me at 38:11.

Onward and upward. Now it's time to hit the hills for some repeats to prepare for the US 10K Classic in 5 weeks! Oh, and I'm planning on doing a 40K trail relay with some fellow Rogues in October. If we can find a 4th person, we'd each be doing a 10K, so far we have 3.


9/7/09 US 10K Classic Smyrna, GA
10/18/09 Dirty Spokes Ekiden Trail Running Race 2009 Conyers, GA
10/31/09 Silver Comet Half Marathon Mableton, GA

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